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About ATA and SDI

     Our corporate goal is to become the premier source for borehole instrumentation equipment and services. Applied Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of products employing many physical phenomena. Scientific Drilling applies these products in services for the oil and gas drilling and reservoir analysis industries, as well as for tunneling and under-river crossing applications.

     We have nearly 30 locations worldwide where equipment and personnel are available to service customers. Our technical activities are primarily located in Paso Robles, California, although we do have some drill string and drill motor engineering in Houston, TX and Lafayette, LA. Headquarters for Operations are at our Houston facility, where we own 11 acres near the International Airport. We own most of our facilities and all of our major ones.

     We are now many times the size we were when ATA and SDI joined forces in 1986 and have a continuous record of asset growth. We remain private and intend to stay that way. Senior employees (rather than owners) are in charge of management succession. As a result, we can concentrate on long term accomplishments without pressure for near term financial results, while the majority of profits are reinvested in the companies. Top management is oriented toward technical progress, so our profits are spent on new products, people, and facilities. Our concentration on instrumentation equipment results in a high degree of focus on fundamental physical phenomenon sensors and transducers. All technology employed by us (that is not widely available) is therefore brought into the companies. Our motto is that “no product is ever done” and must continue to evolve in performance, environmental range, cost, size, weight, power consumption, and ease of use. We place a high premium on metrology equipment and facilities so that we can test and calibrate both development and field equipment.

     Our selective involvement in directional drilling results in a visibility of the total well construction factors. In addition, it facilitates a means for testing our instrumentation developments. As a consequence of continually trying to improve performance at reduced cost, we have been selected for some leading edge activities, such as the deep water drilling in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico. These technical and business challenges have introduced us to a wide range of advanced needs that help us optimize our instrument designs. They also expose us to the products from other service suppliers best able to do the job at hand. We do not attempt to be the “integrated contractor,” but rather take the role of advisor to our customers on which equipment from which supplier should perform best.

     Throughout our companies, we have attempted to instill a high ethical consciousness along with the need for continuous personal growth and an acute awareness that our customers are the reason for our existence. We try to manage in a style that idealizes individual initiative, accomplishment, and responsibility. This has resulted in what we call our Corporate Culture.


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